Even friends need contracts

In his workshops, Matthias Käch shows young entrepreneurs what’s important when it comes to intellectual property rights. In the following interview, he talks about his involvement with Young Enterprise Switzerland (YES) and why good colleagues should also draw up contracts.

On a mission for intellectual property – Matthias Käch, Senior IP Trainer at the IPI. Photo: IPI
On a mission for intellectual property – Matthias Käch, Senior IP Trainer at the IPI. Photo: IPI

In the YES Company Programme, young people run a mini-enterprise under real-life conditions for one year – from its founding to the marketing of their product. IP rights also play an important role in these steps.


Intellectual property is all around us

As a national partner of the Company Programme, the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) provides workshops to introduce the mini-enterprises to the topic of IP. These are led by Senior IP Trainer Matthias Käch. Programme participants are made aware of how omnipresent intellectual property actually is in their everyday lives – and how it influences the work of a mini-enterprise. With clear practical examples, the experienced IP trainer brings intellectual property into the immediate everyday life of young people  to make the topic tangible for all.


Am I infringing the rights of third parties?

"One of the most important topics is trade mark law. The mini-enterprises learn that it’s not just about their own rights; rather that it's about making sure their company name, for example, doesn't get in the way of other third parties, says Matthias Käch. Another focal point is copyright law. Because the young people create their own websites, in the workshop, they also learn how to correctly use text and images.

Find out in the video interview below why the IPI is involved with YES and what tips Mr Käch has for young entrepreneurs.


Our partnership with YES

The workshop in Thun was the last in the current Company Programme. This school year, a total of 42 schools with 1,059 students are taking part. The IPI has conducted courses in 15 schools, with 299 students in attendance. A National Trade Fair with the best 75 teams is planned for April in Zurich railway station, circumstances permitting. There, Matthias Käch, who is now also on the jury for the YES Company Programme, will ask each team how they have taken IP into consideration in their enterprise. The IPI will present the IP Management Award at the finale at the end of May in Zurich main station.


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