Using honest advertising to combat fake products

In its new campaign ‘Counterfeits cause harm. Even to you.’, the STOP PIRACY association sheds light on the dangers of counterfeit goods for consumers in a humorous but very honest way. Hear more about the campaign in our video with the head of the STOP PIRACY secretariat.

Cover picture campaign STOP PIRACY
The ads from the ‘Counterfeits cause harm. Even to you.’ campaign by STOP PIRACY.

Counterfeiting and piracy is an illegal industry worth billions. Criminal organisations unscrupulously counterfeit anything that they can make a profit from – be it watches, clothing, accessories, medicines or cosmetics. This not only damages the Swiss economy – fakes can also be dangerous for consumers.

The STOP PIRACY association aims to raise awareness of these dangers. For its new online campaign ‘Counterfeits cause harm. Even to you.’, it analysed which counterfeits are most popular in online shops and also pose the highest risks. Under the brand name ‘Fake’, STOP PIRACY uses humour in advertising these products in videos and images – and reveals the possible health and safety risks with brutal honesty.

Eveline Capol, Head of the STOP PIRACY Secretariat, gave the IPI an insight into the campaign, which will run on social media until the end of June 2023.


As a founding member of this non-profit organisation, the IPI is involved in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy, both domestically and within international organisations.


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