Shedding light on design protection

At the recent ‘Designgut’ fair in Winterthur, the IPI informed designers about the possibilities and limitations of design protection.

IP trainer Matthias Käch and Laura Seifert, who has protected her bag design. Photo: IPI

In direct discussions with the exhibitors and based on their specific products, Matthias Käch, IP trainer from the IPI, explained the requirements for protecting a design, the costs and the scope of protection.


Technology with aesthetics

Technik verbindet Ästhetik

Some of the designers responded with gratitude and some with pride. The aim of the more than 30 talks was to encourage a conscious approach to the topic of intellectual property and design protection, in particular. Design perfectly combines technology with aesthetics, and this is exemplified by the ‘La Laura’ bag. The special diagonal opening and the name of the bag are already protected.


Design protection for the ‘La Laura’ bag

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