How to protect your innovation – our courses

In our courses, you will learn how to recognise your potential with regard to trade marks, patents, designs and copyright, and how to pursue an IP strategy.


Together with our experts, you will take a practical approach in establishing:


  • How you can make your intellectual property profitable
  • How you can secure a competitive edge
  • How you can use valuable sources of information


You will also benefit from group interaction and direct communication with the trainers.


Ready for the world of trade marks, patents, designs and copyright?


Introduction to IP

This crash course will give you an overview of all IP rights and how you can use them.


Expand your knowledge of IP rights


"À la carte" courses

Develop and consolidate your knowledge. You choose the topics, objectives and course level. Completely individualised!


Course for IP Specialists and the Swiss Patent Attorney Examination

This course is aimed at those preparing for the federal patent attorney examination, as well as IP professionals looking to broaden their knowledge of particular IP rights.



Invite our experts to come to your event to provide information on intellectual property.


Training calendar

Here you can find the dates for scheduled courses on the various IP rights.


Course materials

Are you looking for documents on intellectual property? You can download PDF files of our brochures on the various IP rights. For a print version, or if you would like to use certain content for educational purposes, please get in touch with our Contact Centre. We would be happy to assist you in compiling training materials on intellectual property.


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