Assisted Patent Search

Do you have an idea or an invention and are wondering if you can patent it? An Assisted Patent Search at the IPI will help you to find out.


You can take advantage of the knowledge of a patent expert in your specialist field over the course of half a day with us at the IPI in Bern. He or she will provide you with information on patents and patenting and search together with you in public patent databases. To prepare for the search we recommend answering these additional questions.


The Assisted Patent Search will give you an initial overview of the state of the art (also known as prior art) in the technology sector of interest. You can then assess whether your idea or invention is new and if it is worth applying for a patent. You will also discover the differences between the various patent application procedures and what you should pay attention to once your patent has been granted.


We maintain complete confidentiality of all information exchanged between you and the IPI and all search results.




Individual inventors and SMEs who want to find out if and how an idea or invention can be protected.


We only search in publicly accessible databases and can only carry out an initial basic search due to the time and databases available. You will receive up to 50 of the patent citations found and the complete patent documents for up to 20 of these citations in a PDF file free of charge.

If you require a more comprehensive overview of the state of the art, we recommend ordering an advanced patent search.


The Assisted Patent Search will take a maximum of four hours. It is carried out together with you at the premises of the IPI. It is also possible to carry out the search at a partner location via an online meeting platform. 


CHF 300 incl. VAT (IPI Fee Ordinance, GebV-IGE Art. 3 Abs. 2, only available in German, French or Italian). You have the right to a maximum of two assisted patent searches per year.


You may eligible for a discount if you are participating in a funding programme.



Here you can find an overview of the IPI's basic conditions for an assisted patent search/analysis.


Request a search

Please complete and send us the online request form. And if you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them.


After the search

If you would like to follow your search by applying to patent your invention, we recommend seeking advice from a patent attorney. He or she will help you with drafting the application and technical documents. The results of the Assisted Patent Search and our advice have no influence on the examination of your patent application.



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