01.07.2022 | Trade Marks, ip-search, IPI

From July 2022, the IPI will no longer offer trade mark searches

The IPI has assisted applicants and proprietors of trade marks with professional trade mark searches for over 60 years. It has thus given clients a reliable basis for taking decisions about trade mark protection. Nowadays, people who want to search for trade marks or monitor the market are increasingly doing so themselves using free online databases. As a result, the demand for trade mark...

06.10.2021 | ip-search

New search report from 1 October 2021

During the pilot phase, some of our clients took a closer look at the new format of our search report. They praised the fresh look, the fact that the main results of the search can be skim-read and that the report is easy to navigate. This feedback also enabled us to tailor the report even better to the needs of our clients. The main new features of the report (pdf) are the following: A...

26.03.2020 | ip-search

You have our full support – even during the current extraordinary situation

The coronavirus has profoundly changed working, social and everyday life for us all. So some things are different for us too – we are working from home to protect those who need it the most. But nothing changes for you. Because thanks to being able to work from home, we can continue to support you with our services – unreservedly. The reliability of our services continue to be fully...

24.10.2019 | ip-search

IPI fax numbers to be discontinued from 1 January 2020

The IPI will discontinue its fax services at the end of 2019. The reason for this is that the IPI’s telecommunications provider is switching from analogue telephony to the Internet Protocol (known as All IP). As a result, faxes would be susceptible to errors and the complete transmission of messages and documents would not be guaranteed. To safely communicate with the IPI, we recommend...

12.03.2019 | ip-search

Fields of technology defined by IPI patent experts now available in PatentSight

Users of the patent analysis platform PatentSight can now avail of 10 of the future-oriented technology fields defined by our experts. These contain patent information on specific topics such as smart cities, blockchain, machine learning and autonomous driving. We are proud that some of our technology fields have been integrated into one of the world’s top analysis platforms for patent...

22.01.2019 | ip-search

Webinar on the technology fields

ip-search has defined 10 specific fields of technology as being the most cutting edge. These contain patent information on technologies such as blockchain, smart cities and robotics. The fields are intended as filters when first becoming familiar with patent searches and analyses. They are available to all users in PatentSight. Dr. Jochen Spuck will explain how these technology fields have...

08.11.2018 | ip-search, IPI

15 years of ip-search

The IPI has now been providing patent and trade mark searches for more than thirty years. But in November 2003, following a steady growth in demand for professionally prepared bases for decisions on trade marks and patents, the IPI decided to give its services its own name and platform in the form of “ip-search”. ip-search stands not only for premium quality patent and trade mark searches, but...

06.06.2018 | ip-search, IPI

ip-search at the PATINFO 2018

From 13 to 15 June 2018, the 40th PATINFO will take place in Ilmenau, Germany. Under this year’s theme “IP Search – Impact on Competition”, service providers, patent attorneys, and industry and patent office representatives will discuss the latest developments and trends at the largest German-speaking patent information conference. The IPI will again be present this year with an exhibition stand...

04.05.2018 | ip-search

Apply for the Swiss Technology Award 2018

Have you developed an exceptional technology-based innovation? If so, you have the chance to win the coveted Swiss Technology Award 2018. You can apply up until 24 August 2018. The award ceremony will take place approximately in November at the Swiss Innovation Forum (SIF) in Basel. You can find more information on the SIF website. The IPI is the main partner of the Swiss Innovation Forum and...

20.11.2017 | ip-search

ip-search @ IP Service World

The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) will be featured at the IP Service World 2017. The conference will take place on 27 and 28 November in Munich. The patent expert, Dr. David Rees, will give a talk on strategic patent analysis.

07.04.2017 | ip-search

Food printing – the development of a sector

On 24 May 2017, the Bern School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) is dedicating a symposium to the topic of 3D food printing. Sibilla Delorenzi, a patent expert at the IPI, will be holding a talk at the event on how a patent landscape analysis can help identify market developments and stakeholders.

05.07.2016 | ip-search

Streamlined opposition procedure at the European Patent Office

The European Patent Office (EPO) introduced a new practice for opposition procedures on 1 July 2016 with the aim of shortening such proceedings. It has optimised its internal workflows so that the total time needed for a decision in straightforward cases is reduced to 15 months, calculated as from expiry of the opposition period. This new practice continues to respect the general principles...

31.05.2016 | ip-search

The latest on the unitary patent – a conference in Munich

On 7 July 2016, a one-day conference is taking place at the headquarters of the European Patent Office on the current status of the European patent with unitary effect (also known as the unitary patent or UP) and the Unified Patent Court (UPC). At the conference, you can find out about the preparatory work already completed, the ongoing ratification in the member states and the implications for...

14.10.2015 | ip-search

Patent searches as aids in product development

When Gyro Gearloose has a problem, he puzzles and tinkers until a functional technical masterpiece is standing in his workshop. Afterwards, the neighbours are amazed at its practical benefits.The starting point of any innovation is the vision. However, is it worth blindly realising an idea for a product without looking beyond the workbench or the lab? Developing a product right up until it is...

17.09.2015 | ip-search

London IP Summit: ip-search souligne l'importance de la haute qualité des informations brevets

IP managers, decision-makers and investors will be gathering at the London IP Summit to share information and ideas on innovation, management, IP monetisation and IP strategies. Here, you can find out the latest trends regarding the importance of patents and trade marks for innovative product development and the strategic alignment of your company in the market. Investments are only made in...

16.06.2015 | ip-search

Publication of the study on the potential for optimising the Swiss national patent system

Even though the Swiss patent system has stood the test of time over the years, it is worthwhile reviewing from time to time to ensure that it still meets the requirements of a rapidly changing framework. Two economic consulting companies therefore addressed this issue under the mandate of the IPI, and have made recommendations accordingly."The potential for optimising the Swiss national patent...

12.06.2015 | ip-search

SMEs and protecting innovations

Companies are frequently confronted with a variety of problems. By the time an SME thinks about protecting its intellectual property, however, it’s often too late. Felix Addor, deputy director general of the IPI, takes a stand on this issue in an interview published on the federal administration's SME portal.The IPI’s platform ,Envisioned. Created. Protected., provides relevant information to...

21.05.2015 | ip-search

Decommissioning of the PCT-EASY functionality

From 1 July 2015, it will no longer be possible to file PCT applications in PCT-EASY mode.All PCT applications submitted on paper together with a copy in electronic form on or after 1 July 2015 will be treated as a PCT application in paper format. The fee reduction (CHF 100.00) will no longer apply for such applications. The IPI therefore draws attention to the possibility of filing online via...

21.01.2015 | ip-search

Gaining a strategic edge with a well-founded patent landscape analysis

Analysing patent statistics can be a valuable tool for recognising technological trends and the technological leadership of individual market participants, and for monitoring them in the medium term too. Such statistics go beyond purely quantifying the number of filed patent applications in that they create knowledge with strategic value.Two reports published at the end of 2014 show how...

21.10.2014 | ip-search

STOP PIRACY Awareness Campaign

Smiling at us from the billboard is the typical family next door. But by buying fake products, the fiction-al Flückinger family is investing in a business that gives rise to a great number of victims.Anyone who, like the Flückigers, buys counterfeit goods often isn't aware that they are subsidising criminal organisations. The non-profit association STOP PIRACY is therefore engaged in raising...

02.09.2014 | ip-search

Minor updates to the Swiss Patent Examination Guidelines

Minor updates have recently been made to the patent examination guidelines applicable at the Swiss Institute of Intellectual Property. An erratum at the end of the document lists the changes made. The adapted version of the guidelines is now available online (available in German and French only / pdf 1300 kB).

02.07.2014 | ip-search

EPO presidential mandate extended

Benoît Battistelli will continue to head the European Patent Office (EPO) as president for another three years.  The 63-year old Frenchman received the support of the Administrative Council and, with that, of the delegations from all 38 member states in the European Patent Organisation. EPO announcementPress response (in German)

01.07.2014 | ip-search

Billing of database costs for the European Patent Office's search system

The European Patent Office has changed its billing procedures for charging for the cost of using its search system through national patent offices. This means that as of 1.7.2014, these charges will also be adjusted accordingly for our customers. As of this date, we will charge our customers for the number of database transactions instead of the time spent using the search system as previously....

17.06.2014 | ip-search

Patent applicants in favour of the unitary patent

The European patent with unitary effect (more commonly known as the unitary patent) is being welcomed by leading European patent applicants. According to a recently published study, the vast majority of those responsible for patents in companies headquartered in Europe are in favour of the introduction of the European patent.Only a minority are critical that future judges at the Unified Patent...

16.06.2014 | ip-search

DPMA extends opposition period

The German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) has advised that, in addition to other amendments, the period for filing opposition to the grant of a patent in Germany will be extended from three to nine months with the entry into force of the amended Patent Law. Notice from the DPMA on the entry into force of the Act Revising Certain Provisions of Patent Law and Other Acts in the Field of...

13.06.2014 | ip-search

Know what you buy (or sell)

In a company takeover, the transfer of intellectual property such as trade marks, patent rights and licence agreements is also included the business transaction. It's therefore crucial that both parties know how new and innovative the innovations of the company being disposed of are, because only enforceable patents can help to ensure a profitable monopoly position in the long-term and/or...

05.06.2014 | ip-search

European Patent Office closes its Swiss correspondent account

The European Patent Office (EPO) currently maintains euro accounts in various member states for the purpose of fee payments. The EPO has recently communicated that it will close its account at the UBS AG Zurich at the end of August 2014. From 1 September 2014, payments to the EPO are to be paid to the following account: IBAN DE20 7008 0000 0333 8800 00BIC DRESDEFF700Commerzbank AGPromenadeplatz...

14.03.2014 | ip-search

Support for SMEs under China-Switzerland’s Free Trade Agreement

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW has opened a Swiss SME Research Center China in Harbin in the northeast of the People's Republic of China. With the support of the local provincial government, its aim is to provide assistance to SMEs from China and Switzerland in understanding each other's economic systems.ip-search's expert on China is supporting...

24.01.2014 | ip-search

Increasing innovation budgets yet fewer new products

According to the Innovation Survey for Germany by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), the innovation budget in Germany increased by 3.7% to more than 140 billion euros in 2013. This peak is expected to be surpassed by a further 3% in 2014.The overall figures cover a concentration of individual industries, a third of which are attributable to the vehicle industry, another third of...

17.01.2014 | ip-search

Survey of EU citizens concerning the importance of intellectual property

The European Patent Office (EPO) and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM - Trade Marks and Designs Registration Office of the EU) have published their second joint study this year entitled European Citizens and Intellectual Property. Based on surveys of EU citizens concerning the importance of intellectual property with regard to general perception and personal codes of...