Validity search

Do you want to challenge a questionable third-party patent? We can search for publications which could challenge the novelty or inventive step of the patented invention in question.

You can find the most important information on how we proceed with such a search as well as what is possible technically summarised in the validity search product flyer.


Validity analysis

On request, we analyse, in-depth, the novelty and inventive step of an invention with regard to the state of the art as defined by you. Such in-depth analyses of validity can either be conducted independently or as a follow-up to a search. You can use the results as the basis of argumentation in patent disputes before a court, for example. It does not however constitute official information nor obligate the IPI in any possible official procedures.

Price: According to actual time spent carrying out the search plus database fees. We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer.
Delivery time: According to agreement - usually 10 working days


The validity search is also known as an opposition search, invalidity search, patentability search, novelty search or prior-art search.