Freedom-to-operate search

Before you produce and market a product, we can determine third-party IP rights which you could infringe with your product or a process it involves.

The newly available tabular layout of the search results with legal status information means you can quickly identify and evaluate patent documents currently in force. (Further information)

Price: According to actual time spent carrying out the search plus database fees. We would be happy to provide you with an individual offer.
Delivery time: According to agreement; usually 10 working days.


A Freedom to Operate Search can only be carried out under the following conditions:

  • A product or a process must be described and, in particular, the essential features must be clearly identified as a starting point.
  • In order to find all of the IP rights which could be infringed, it is important to carry out a comprehensive search. The search and analysis of the documents concentrate on the patent claims and their scope of protection.
  • Each different feature of the product or process must usually be searched for separately.
  • Please note: our search delivers the basis for a freedom to operate analysis. The analysis can only be carried out by the customer due to the market and product knowledge required.


If desired, we determine the legal status of the patents we find in greater detail and include the results in the search. This type of search is also referred to as a Patent Infringement Search, an Infringement Search or a Clearance Search.