Industry patent attorneys

We provide you with support when your search department only has limited access to relevant data, when you lack the time to carry out a comprehensive search yourself or when you don't have access to professional search tools. We also support you when you would you like to have a second search on a subject-matter just to be on the safe side.
We search all important databases and analyse the documents using the available full text and figures for each request. You determine the depth of the analysis and the format of the results.

  • Prior to applying for a patent and the official search by the relevant patent office, we can provide you with an overview of the state of the art: subject search
  • If you are planning to file opposition or an action for nullity, we can search for publications that could challenge the novelty or inventive step of the protected invention: validity search
  • Before manufacturing a new product or using a new process, we can provide you with information on IP rights that might be infringed by your product or process. Our analysis includes as much detail as you wish concerning the scope of protection in the patent claims and the legal status: freedom-to-operate search (FTO)
  • In the preliminary stages of a company takeover, we can provide you with an overview of the relevant company’s patent situation and environment with a freedom-to-operate search (FTO) and an international bibliographic search.

Good to know

  • If needed, we can deliver the results to you within just a few days – for example, when a filing date is about to expire.
  • Thanks to our position as a national patent office, we can investigate the legal status of patent rights in detail in every country. You can find more information in our information leaflet Patent Register Search available at
  • Confidentiality and data security are standard for us. Upon request, you can use our Data Exchange Platform for confidential data transfer.