The IPI's Data Exchange Platform

The transfer of data needs to be confidential for certain types of information. The IPI's Data Exchange Platform (DEP) makes this possible by transmitting data in encrypted format.


With the DEP, the IPI can send confidential data such as search reports or correspondence concerning procedures to customers. The DEP is managed by the IPI and run on its own infrastructure. All data is transmitted in encrypted form and stored for a limited period of time.

The DEP can be used as follows:

  • Trade marks: in procedures such as for changes to the Trade Mark Register if the customer has requested electronic communication
  • Trade mark and patent searches: to send search reports
  • Designs: to submit images, sketches or other relevant documents related to a design application

Trade mark customers who have requested the electronic delivery of IPI correspondence normally receive it via their chosen delivery platform. For technical reasons, however, items exceeding 5 MB will be delivered by DEP. Access to data is via a share link, which customers receive by email.

For transmissions relating to trade mark and patent searches and designs, customers are granted access via a share link or a user account. Data can also be uploaded if required.

The IPI's DEP is not an online storage archive. Files that have not been accessed for more than 60 days are automatically deleted.



To submit documents for procedures, use the IPI’s reliable submission channels.


If you do not have access to the DEP, but would like to exchange data securely with the IPI, please get in touch with your personal contact person or send an email to infonot shown@ip-searchto make life hard for spam Please specify for what purpose you wish to use the DEP.