Physics and electronics patent experts


Markus Funk

Dipl.-Ing. Electrical Engineering in Mechanical Engineering, Dipl. Ag. Economics
Team leader


Catalin Cris

Dr. phil.nat., Dipl., Physics
Deputy team leader


Bänz Bessire

Dr. sc. nat., M.Sc. Physics


Úlfur Halldórsson

Dr.-Ing. Electrical Engineering


Linda Hofer

Mag. rer. nat., Physics


Kamran Houshang Pour

Dr. ès Sciences EPF, Physics


Christian Karl

Dr. rer. nat., Physics

Medical physics expert, laser and radiation protection expert


Knut Kieschnick

Dr.-Ing., Electrical Engineering


Werner Kreuzer

Dipl.-Ing. Telecommunications Engineering


Cristina Mayor

Dipl.-Ing. Telecommunications Engineering


Andrei Müller

Dr. in Electronics and Telecommunications


Diana Portolés García Telecommunications Engineering


André Schlatter

André Schlatter

Dipl. Ing. FH in Electrical Engineering

with specialisation in Telecommunications Engineering


Max Shakhray

Dr. Ing. Microsystems Technology, Material Science, Physics


Axel Sonnenfeld

Dr. rer.nat., Dipl., Physics


Simon Strässle

Dr. sc. nat. Eidg. dipl. Physics,

Swiss Patent Attorney,

European Patent Attorney


Pascal Weibel

Dr. ès sciences, Uni NE, Physics