Engineering patent experts


Peter Bruns

Dr. rer. nat., Dipl. Geology

Team leader


Andreas Jörg

Dipl. Masch.-Ing. ETH

Deputy team leader


Georges Camicas-Aycardi

Dipl.-Ing., Material Sciences


Fabien Compos

BEng (HONS) Aeromechanical Systems Engineering


Ralitsa Josten

Dr.-Ing., Chemical Engineering


Georg Klein

Dipl.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering and Aerospace Technology


Thomas Köhli

Dipl. Masch.-Ing. HTL


Daniel Kunz

Dipl. Masch.-Ing. HTL


Thomas Rauscher

Dr. techn., Physics


Christoph Schneider

Dr.-Ing., Mechanical Engineering
Executive MBA HSG


Jan Schulte zur Heide

Dr.-Ing. Mechanical Engineering, University of Aachen
Plastics technology, FRP


Michael Stalder

Dr. rer. nat., Chemical Engineering EPFL


Hans Tanner

Dipl. Masch.-Ing. HTL/FH


Philippe Tatasciore

Dr. sc. techn. ETHZ

Dipl. Masch.-Ing. ETHZ


Jörg Zeininger

Dr.-Ing., Mechanical Engineering
Dipl.-Ing., Electrical Engineering


Dunshu Zhou

Dipl.-Ing., Mechanical Engineering