Structured results


Clearly presented search reports

You receive the results of the search in a structured report that is summarised and annotated. We list the documents found in tabular form. If useful, we will highlight important passages in the documents. We can also send copies of the original documents on request.


Organised hierarchically

Key information is located at the beginning of the report with the details following in the subsequent sections. A table containing the database citations linked with all the documents found provides you with an overview. The most important documents are annotated with short comments. The database citations are linked to further information on the internet or, if requested, with the full-text documents delivered with the search report.


Customised according to your requirements

If required, we supplement the report with information on the legal status, important text passages or selected patent claims.


Archiving of documents

We guarantee long-term storage of all documents as well as the traceability of correspondence and search processes.


Video search report