What is intellectual property?

The intangible nature of the design of a teapot or the contents of a crime novel mean that they are easy to imitate. However, these “intangible” goods can have great monetary value – which means that only those who actually own this intellectual property (IP) should be the ones who are allowed to use it. This is why it’s possible to specifically protect various types of IP.


The benefits of IP


How you can turn your IP into profit

Have a look at our tips on effectively managing valuable intellectual capital


Your intellectual property

Image: All property rights to security at a glance

How can you protect intellectual property?   – All IP rights at a glance.

Image: Protect something

Why you need an IP strategy for your intellectual property and how to develop one.



Counterfeiting and piracy

Image: Counterfeiting and piracy

Almost everything that has a good reputation is plagiarised and copied – across all industries and worldwide. Learn about what you can do to defend yourself against counterfeit goods and the background and risks associated with this global phenomenon.



The social significance of IP

Image: social meaning

The importance of intellectual property for health, sustainable development, the environment and ecology.


Invent, produce, market

In our Guide for Innovative and Creative Minds, you can find practical tips on patents, trade marks, designs and copyright to help you with the innovation process.


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