The Trade Mark Database

    In the IPI's Trade Mark Database, you can view all Swiss trade marks and trade mark applications and access international trade marks with protection extended to Switzerland. Registered users can also request register changes for Swiss trade marks via the database.


    The Trade Mark Database contains all public information on active and cancelled Swiss trade marks and trade mark applications. It also provides access to international trade marks with protective effect in Switzerland. Use the database whenever you need more information about an IP right, for inspiration when creating your own trade mark, or for initial clarification on whether your sign conflicts with a third party trade mark.


    Even if you are only an occasional user, the search function is easy to use. Plus, you have the option of using advanced search options to search in a more targeted way, as well as to search for similar terms.


    Please note that carrying out a search in the Trade Mark Database is not sufficient to fully determine whether your sign conflicts with third party rights. You can find more information on this in the Trade Mark Database help pages.


    Access to register changes

    Registered users can request changes to their register entries via the Trade Mark Database. Please contact us to create a user account for this purpose.


    Swissreg remains the organ of publication for Swiss trade marks and trade mark applications

    You can find the same data on Swiss trade marks in the Trade Mark Database as in the IP rights database Swissreg. For the time being, Swissreg will remain the IPI’s organ of publication for the legally effective publication of register entries.

    Please note that only the details in the Swiss Trade Mark Register are legally binding. We will be happy to provide you with an extract from the register on request.

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