Copyright protection in Switzerland

Where can you find the provisions on copyright?
In Switzerland, you can find the main provisions on copyright in the Copyright Act and in the Copyright Ordinance.


The Copyright Act:

  • protects authors of literary and artistic works,
  • protects performers, producers of phonograms and audiovisual fixations and broadcasting organisations (related rights),
  • regulates the federal supervision of the collective management organisations.


The Copyright Act is worded in a technology-neutral ways. For example, the law doesn't distinguish the form in which a music track is protected by copyright: it can be recorded on a cassette tape, on a CD or contained in a WAV-file on a computer.


The Copyright Ordinance contains provisions specifically on the:


Modernising copyright law

The revision of the Copyright Act is aimed at better exploiting the opportunities presented by the digital age while at the same time combating internat piracy more effectively.

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