New search report from 1 October 2021

06.10.2021 | ip-search

During the pilot phase, some of our clients took a closer look at the new format of our search report. They praised the fresh look, the fact that the main results of the search can be skim-read and that the report is easy to navigate. This feedback also enabled us to tailor the report even better to the needs of our clients.

The main new features of the report (pdf) are the following:

  • A shortlist – most important documents first
    The first chapter of the report contains documents that have been considered particularly interesting by the search expert .
  • Internal links – moving back and forth is easy
    Scrolling through the report is made easy. Just click on the internal link to get more information related to a point, and back again.
  • Drawings – zoom into images
    Enlarge images by simply clicking on the icon.
  • Content – focus on added value information
    You will find our individual comments, selected passages and highlighted terms in the citations. The bibliographical information is available on the internet and links are provided.

All of these features should make it easier to analyse the report in an efficient way.


Quick guide (pdf)