A comprehensive search and in-depth analysis

We search using the most appropriate search tools in specific databases, which in comparison to public systems, provide additional information and more diverse search options.


Specific databases, various search tools

We search a large number of full text patent and non-patent literature databases and bibliographic data in all specialist fields via the following professional hosts:


We use the following tools to analyse large amounts of data:


For specific information, we use the following additional sources:


We use additional search and analysis tools and country-specific databases where necessary.


Proprietary software for connecting search engines

Not only are good search tools and the ability to search in all major databases critical for success, they are also tools for evaluating results from a wide variety of sources. For this purpose, we have developed software solutions that enable us to cross-link various search engines and sort the results in a targeted way. This increases efficiency and guarantees that all important documents are found.