How to get trade mark protection

Trade mark protection is a bestseller at the IPI. No other IP right receives as many applications. In our compilation, you’ll find out the key facts about trade mark protection and what you need to consider before filing an application. The period after registration is equally important, as you also need to use the trade mark.

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1. All you need to know about trade mark protection

Whether you are a globally active enterprise or a locally based business – a trade mark can become a precious asset. But what role does trade mark protection have to play? If you know your options, you have a better hand of cards. To the article


2. Think strategically before applying to register a trade mark

If you want to protect your sign as a trade mark, you need to ask yourself some important strategic questions before filing a trade mark application – including how willing you are to defend your own trade mark. To the article


3. What you need to know before applying for a trade mark

A trade mark can be registered quickly online. But those who submit an application without doing prior research put their young brand at risk and may lose a lot of time and money. To the article


4. What makes a strong trade mark?

A ‘strong’ trade mark not only conveys qualities and characteristics but also has a good chance of being protected. To the article


5. How to register your trade mark faster

Anyone applying for a trade mark in Switzerland can speed up the procedure considerably. This is possible with the early trade mark examination. We show you what’s key. To the article


6. Registering a trade mark

Registering a trade mark is not a science. By paying attention to a few key points, you will not be disappointed down the line. We take a look at what you should keep in mind. To the article


7. Use your trade mark!

Once a trade mark has been successfully examined by the IPI, it is entered in our register. But watch out! In Switzerland, you need to use your trade mark within five years of registering it. In the worst-case scenario, it could be cancelled if you don’t do so. To the article


Do you have any questions on the topic of trade mark protection? You can find a wealth of information on our website. Our Contact Centre will also be happy to assist you: infonot shown@ipito make life hard for spam bots.ch or 031 377 77 77

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