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Five good reasons for ip-search


A wide variety of factors determine the quality of a patent search. We provide you with the maximum possible guarantee by ensuring superior quality at each individual stage. This includes starting with a precise understanding of the search objective so that you are provided with the result you need to be able to make your decisions.

Structured Results
Effective Communication
Comprehensive search
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Facts and figures

Location Bern, Switzerland. ip-search Patent and Technology Searches are a service of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.
Data security As a state institution, we are bound by confidentiality. Exchange of documents via electronic mail boxes (Data Exchange Platform DEP). Encrypted emails.
Staff Around 50 search experts with a university degree, most with a doctorate. Many years of industry experience and trained in patent examination.
Language skills

Native languages: German, French, Italian, Bulgarian, English, Icelandic, Spanish, Russian, Romanian, Persian and Chinese.

Foreign languages: Japanese, Arabic, Dutch, Swedish, Ukrainian, Turkish and Portuguese.

Experience More than 1800 searches carried out annually, the first online search 30 years ago.
Quality management

Quality control (the four eyes principle) for the search objective, search strategy, document selection and search report.

Defined processes for document retention, correspondence and search procedure. Feedback system.

Databases More than 300 databases for patent and scientific literature (European Patent Office search system, STN, Thomson Innovation, PatBase, GenomeQuest, SequenceBase, Reaxys).
Search services Freedom-to-Operate Search (FTO), Validity Search, Subject Search, Strategic Patent Analysis, Bibliographic Search as well as Technology Monitoring and Legal Status Monitoring.