Fields of technology defined by IPI patent experts now available in PatentSight

12.03.2019 | ip-search

Users of the patent analysis platform PatentSight can now avail of 10 of the future-oriented technology fields defined by our experts. These contain patent information on specific topics such as smart cities, blockchain, machine learning and autonomous driving.

We are proud that some of our technology fields have been integrated into one of the world’s top analysis platforms for patent information. Leading companies from many sectors use PatentSight to gain valuable insights into the patent landscape.

Technology fields serve as the basis for reliable strategic patent analyses. Providing an exact definition of them is a challenge, however, especially for complex, new or vague technology fields. Using the traditional patent classifications alone, i.e. IPC and CPC, does not suffice when trying to compile a set of relevant patents. For this reason, we define our technology fields by utilising great technical understanding and with the help of a combination of patent classes and relevant key words. In this way, we can define very individual, specific technology fields to fully meet the needs of our clients and subsequently use the data sets for in-depth analyses and comparisons.

As a result, patent information becomes reliable business information for decision-makers.