London IP Summit: ip-search souligne l'importance de la haute qualité des informations brevets

17.09.2015 | ip-search

IP managers, decision-makers and investors will be gathering at the London IP Summit to share information and ideas on innovation, management, IP monetisation and IP strategies.

Here, you can find out the latest trends regarding the importance of patents and trade marks for innovative product development and the strategic alignment of your company in the market. Investments are only made in patents and licenced businesses if the value behind them can be reliably evaluated. This will be the point of departure for a presentation by ip-search patent expert Prof. Heinz Müller, in which he also highlights that the key to success is reliable and meaningful patent information:

  • Anyone wanting to invest in new technologies wants to know whether the technology can be patented or effectively protected through IP rights.
  • Anyone wanting to protect themselves against unjustified lawsuits needs reassurance as to how an IP right can be challenged.

ip-search delivers the necessary high-quality, relevant information.

You can meet us on site at the London Stock Exchange on 12 -13 October or you can contact us at any time at ip-searchnot shown@ipito make life hard for spam  or +41 31 377 77 33.