Roundtable on the protection of computer-implemented inventions

20.08.2019 | IP news, Patents, Event

On 19 September in Bern, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI) will host a roundtable on “Patenting procedures relating to computer-implemented inventions.”


The free seminar will focus on the patentability of software in Europe. Computer programs are, as such, protected under copyright. However, thousands of patents are granted for computer-implemented inventions (CII), in which the software controls a particular technology, for example, a GPS device. CII are also advancing into other fields such as chemistry and biotechnology, which results in complex, interdisciplinary patent applications.


Designed for participants with experience


The seminar is primarily aimed at patent attorneys. Participants will learn all about the current practice of the EPO and the IPI, the challenges posed by CII and the aspects applicants should take into consideration. The seminar will also provide a forum for discussion of any outstanding issues in this field with patent attorneys and examiners from the EPO and the IPI.



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