Gaining a strategic edge with a well-founded patent landscape analysis

21.01.2015 | ip-search

Analysing patent statistics can be a valuable tool for recognising technological trends and the technological leadership of individual market participants, and for monitoring them in the medium term too. Such statistics go beyond purely quantifying the number of filed patent applications in that they create knowledge with strategic value.
Two reports published at the end of 2014 show how applications for important inventions differ, in terms of patent statistics, from subsequent filings or ideas that did not succeed on the market: the Top 100 Global Innovators, which also ranks five operating concerns from Switzerland; and the Research Fronts 2014 report, which identifies the most important scientific publications and research institutions in 100 currently active scientific fields.
The examples in the reports demonstrate the potential hidden in analysing patent statistics and the importance of selecting measurable criteria for gaining knowledge. Our Patent landscape analysis provides you with such a tailor-made product. Which product or strategic corporate issue would you like to substantiate with patent statistics?  We would be happy to discuss possible approaches with you relating to your subject matter.