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January 2022


Edition No. 1/2022


Dear Sir or Madam

We are pleased to update you on new and interesting topics in the field of patent and technology searches.


01 Search report video
02 Searching patents with semantics and AI

03 Present and future of patent landscaping


01 Search report video


As announced in our previous newsletter, we have had a new format for search reports since 1 October. Some of you will have already received a new search report. We hope that the new features will make your work easier. If you have not yet seen the new format, you can familiarise yourself with the new features by watching this video.


02 Searching patents with semantics and AI


At IP Service World 2021, Europe’s largest IP convention and trade fair, which took place in person again, the IPI gave a presentation on the topic of ‘Searching patents with semantics and AI’. Around 35 people attended and actively participated in the discussion.


The number of patent applications worldwide has grown significantly in the last decade, and the complexity of the applications has also increased. What’s the challenge? Keeping the costs for search services at a reasonable level.


The study presented proposes the use of a sequential search concept.
Step 1: Boolean search – identify the technical field
Step 2: Semantic search – establish a portfolio
Step 3: AI search – gather documents


The study concludes that an expert is still better than a machine, but the results indicate that there is great potential with regard to support for experts.

Have we piqued your interest? You can find more details on the ip-search study here:  Presentation


03 Present and future of patent landscaping


At the Best Practices in Intellectual Property (BPIP) 2021 conference in Israel, the IPI gave a presentation on the topic of the present and future of patent landscaping.


The key questions were: Where are we today? How can patent quality be measured? And what do we need for the future? You can find the answers to these questions here: Presentation


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Signature Theodor Nyfeler

Theodor Nyfeler

Head of Patent and Technology Searches

Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property



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