03.06.2015 | Patents

Publication of the study on the potential for optimising the Swiss national patent system

Even though the Swiss patent system has stood the test of time over the years, it is worthwhile reviewing from time to time to ensure that it still meets the requirements of a rapidly changing framework. Two economic consulting companies therefore addressed this issue under the mandate of the IPI, and have made recommendations accordingly. Further information.

22.05.2015 | Law and policy

Negotiators approve revision of the Lisbon Agreement for the Protection of Appellations of Origin and their International Registration

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Geneva: Signing the final Act at an official ceremony on 21 May 2015, delegates concluded the diplomatic conference and 10 days of intense negotiations to revise the Lisbon Agreement which provides for the protection and international registration of appellations of origin. In honour of the venue of the diplomatic conference, the now revised...

21.05.2015 | IP news

Decommissioning of the PCT-EASY functionality

From 1 July 2015, it will no longer be possible to file PCT applications in PCT-EASY mode.All PCT applications submitted on paper together with a copy in electronic form on or after 1 July 2015 will be treated as a PCT application in paper format. The fee reduction (CHF 100.00) will no longer apply for such applications. The IPI therefore draws attention to the possibility of filing online via...

15.04.2015 | IP news

Swiss Biotech Report 2015

The Swiss Biotech Report 2015 has just been published. It illuminates the most important drivers of innovation and summarises issues and facts about the development of the Swiss biotech industry. Compiled by a group of representatives from public institutions – including the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property – and current enterprises, it appears annually.More information about...

17.11.2014 | IPI

New internet presence - your opinion counts

The Institute of Intellectual Property is planning to substantially revise the and websites. The aim is to present our information and services tailored to customers’ needs in a more up-to-date way. What bothers you as a user of our websites?Which website sections would you definitely not miss?Who has a better website solution in your opinion? Your opinion is...

01.09.2014 | Patents

Minor updates to the Patent Examination Guidelines

Minor updates have recently been made to the patent examination guidelines. An erratum at the end of the document lists the changes made.The adapted version of the guidelines is now available online (available in German and French only (pdf 1300 KB)

01.09.2014 | Media release

Agreement on geographical indications between Switzerland and Jamaica enters into force

The agreement between Switzerland and Jamaica on the protection of geographical indications (GIs) enters into force today. It improves protection for designations such as Emmental, Gruyère and Switzerland as well as the Swiss cross and the cantonal coats of arms. For further information, please see the press release.

25.08.2014 | Law and policy

Demonstration projects in the field of health research and development

These projects aim at developing health technologies (medicines, diagnostics, medical devices, etc.) for diseases that disproportionally affect developing countries and for which there are gaps in research and development due to market failure. The projects aim to highlight the effectiveness of alternative, innovative and sustainable approaches to financing and coordination. For more...

07.08.2014 | Law and policy

Audit of supervision of the collecting societies

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (EFK) conducted an audit of the IPI’s supervision of the collecting societies in February 2014. The audit report, published in July 2014, gives the IPI a good report card. But it also includes four recommendations for action. Report (in German)Summary (in German)

07.08.2014 | Law and policy

New advance in collective rights management for copyrights

The interpellation Quadri 12.3396 - Der Auftrag der Suisa an die Yacast schadet der schweizerischen Musikproduktion (‘Suisa’s contract to Yacast damages Swiss music production’) was submitted during the Spring session 2014. It involves the automatic reporting of works of music played in clubs and discos.