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3 September 2015


Newsletter no. 3/2015 “Legal Information”

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,

We have the pleasure of sending you herewith no. 3/2015 of our Newsletter “Legal Information”. We hope you will enjoy reading it.


 The Federal Council approves the 'Swissness' legislative amendment

01    The Federal Council approves the 'Swissness' legislative amendment

The Federal Council carried out Parliament's mandate on Wednesday and approved the implementing ordinances for the 'Swissness' legislative amendment. In doing so, the Federal Council has fully utilised the legal framework available. It has taken into consideration the legitimate concerns of the industries concerned as well as all substantive recommendations made by the parliamentary committees consulted, while devising an implementation of the legal provisions that is as simple as possible. With this, it has implemented the provisions adopted by Parliament on protecting the 'Swiss Made' designation and the Swiss cross.


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Federal Institute of Intellectual Property
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