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A tele-search is an assisted patent search carried out at one of our partner locations. You’re connected to the patent expert at the IPI via teleconference from this location.

You can find all information on assisted patent searches on the following pages:



We will carry out the search at the partner location in your presence only. You will receive the search report and any other documents at the end of the search by email. In all other respects, the terms concerning services are applicable.

Important note:
The tele-search takes place via Skype for Business. The IPI assumes no responsibility for the security of data when transmitting data using the desktop-sharing platform.

Please note that your personal presence at the IPI during the search has advantages. The search is also carried out more efficiently. We therefore recommend that you come to Bern for the search if at all possible.

Fee:The fee for the respective service is applicable. There is no additional fee for a tele-search.
To book a search:Please make an appointment directly with the one of the tele-search partners listed below. After you have done this, send us the signed request form by post or email or use the online request form. Please indicate the date agreed and at which partner location you will be carrying out the tele-search under point 2 on the form.
IPI tele-search partners
High Tech Zentrum AargauBadenerstrasse 13, 5200 Brugg .  Tel +41 56 560 50 50 . E-Mail
AO Research Institute DavosClavadelerstrasse 8, 7270 Davos . Tel +41 81 414 22 11 . E-Mail  
ITZ Zentralschweiz Innovativ Ebenaustrasse 20, 6048 Horw .  Tel +41 41 349 50 65 . E-Mail