Contents of the Trade Mark Database

In the trade mark database, you will find all public information on active and cancelled Swiss trade marks and trade mark applications. You can see their current status as well as the history of registered and cancelled trade marks.


The database contains:

  • Active Swiss trade marks
  • Trade mark applications pending with the IPI (as a rule, these are shown in the trade mark database within six working days of receipt of the application)
  • Cancelled Swiss trade marks (from July 2006)
  • Cancelled Swiss trade mark applications (from July 2006)

International trade marks not included

The trade mark database does not include any international trade marks protected in Switzerland. These are registered with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and can be searched for for free via the Madrid Monitor online register.


Limitations of the search

You can also search the trade mark database for similar trade marks. Please be aware that this search is not sufficient to conclusively identify potential conflicts between a sign and trade marks that have already been registered before you submit a trade mark application.

This is because:

  • A sign can also come into conflict with international trade marks which are protected in Switzerland. You can search for these in the WIPO online register.
  • You can only search for similar trade marks to a limited extent in the trade mark database.
  • Similar sounding trade marks can also cause confusion so they need to be taken into consideration.
  • You cannot search for figurative elements of figurative marks and word/figurative marks in the database. For example, the search term ‘fox’ will only find trade marks with the word element ‘fox’ and not images of foxes.

To have a reliable basis for decision-making, it is therefore essential to consult an expert about carrying out a search. Please see our list of trade mark search providers.

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