Request a change in the register – official documents of evidence

An official document of evidence is required if the request for a change is submitted by a new owner, representative, licensee, usufructuary or pledgee or if the request is for cancellation of third party rights. The document may be an express declaration by the owner or another document which declares the change.


The following documents are permissible:

  • Declaration of assignment (available in German, French or Italian)
  • Merger agreement
  • Licence agreement
  • Pledge
  • Usufruct agreement


Please upload the document as a PDF file when using the ‘register changes’ online service.


Are you the current owner or representative?

A document of evidence is not required if you submit the request as the registered owner or representative of the IP right. As the owner or representative, you are fully authorised by law to request changes in the register.

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