Email submissions

Under the Ordinance on Electronic Communication in Administrative Proceedings, the IPI is allowed to accept submissions received by email.


Which IP rights and procedures have legal validity when submitted by email are determined by the IPI and the individual IP right. You can find the corresponding email addresses under submissions and receiving correspondence. Email submissions do not have to be encrypted. However, if you still want to encrypt your email submission, you must encrypt it with one of the IPI’s public keys before sending it to us. You can find further information under security certificates.

For other IP rights or procedures, email submissions only have legal validity once you have also submitted the relevant documents by post. Please also take note of the IPI’s Terms of Use for Email Submissions.


Receiving written correspondence from the IPI

Formal correspondence from the IPI will continue to be sent by post. This includes all written correspondence from the IPI in connection with a pending administrative procedure, in particular decisions.

For trade marks, you also have the option of requesting electronic delivery per IP right and procedure. This means that you will receive correspondence from the IPI electronically.

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