Requesting electronic delivery of correspondence for trade marks

Opt to receive correspondence from the IPI electronically, ideally for all trade mark procedures – from the submission of your application to the renewal of your trade mark right. Find out how to register for this service in our step-by-step explanation below.


Step 1: Register with IncaMail or PrivaSphere

Register with one of the delivery platforms approved for communicating with the Swiss public authorities and activate your email address. For registration and technical requirements, please refer to the information provided by the relevant platform provider:


Step 2: Request electronic delivery from the IPI

  • For new trade mark applications via e-trademark
    Please activate "electronic delivery" under the section "General".
  • For existing IP rights and procedures
    Please send a request by email to tm.adminnot shown@ekomm.ipito make life hard for spam including the following:
    • Your express consent to electronic delivery
    • Your electronic delivery address
      Tell us the email address you used to register on the IncaMail or PrivaSphere delivery platform.
    • A postal delivery address in Switzerland
      Please give us a postal delivery address. Note that a foreign delivery address is not permitted.
    • The IP rights and procedures concerned
      Tell us the IP rights and all procedures, e.g. registration, register amendment or renewal, for which you would like to receive correspondence from the IPI electronically.

We will then send you all future correspondence from the trade mark department concerning the trade mark rights and procedures you requested in electronic format – quickly and without fuss.


Please note:

  • It is not yet possible to apply for the electronic delivery of correspondence for trade mark procedures, namely:
    • Opposition proceedings with a five-digit opposition number
    • Procedures concerning the registration of a trade mark with an application number smaller than 70000/2018
  • The electronic delivery address (email address registered in the eGov subscriber directory) is always linked to a postal delivery address. It is therefore not possible to use the same electronic delivery address with multiple postal delivery addresses.