Assisted search for research

Assisted Patent Search for the Promotion of Research and Innovation

If you are a researcher at a publicly funded organization or institution, our “assisted patent searches for public research institutions” offers an entire day with a patent expert in your field to answer questions about patents and patenting, to find out how to develop and refine optimal search strategies and conducting a searche in different databases for creating an overview of prior art regarding your particular invention. Based on this overview, you can asses whether your invention is novel and if it is worthwhile applying for a patent.

An Assisted Patent Search remotely via teleconference in other locations
Instead of coming to us in Bern, we can also carry out the search remotely via teleconference at a partner location. You can find more information about this on the page Tele-searches.

Further details can be found in the information sheet and request form

Fee: CHF 300.00 (time limit is one working day)
To order: Send the signed request form per post or fax.

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