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The patent application and examination at the IPI

Swiss patent applications should be filed directly with us. We examine your application and, once anything necessary has been amended, grant you a Swiss patent. This patent is valid in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Once you have an idea of whether your invention is patentable, you can chose to apply for a Swiss patent. The following pages will take you through the individual stages of the Swiss patent application and examination procedure. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to answer them. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We can give you information; however, we can't advise you.
We forward applications for international procedures directly to the responsible authorities – such as the European Patent Office or the World Intellectual Property Organization. In Liechtenstein and Switzerland, there is a single rule of law for patents. The IPI carries out the tasks of a Liechtenstein patent office, which is why a Swiss patent is automatically also a Liechtenstein patent.


Preparing a patent application without any errors and answering any objections correctly can be difficult for those with no experience in patenting. This is the case for both national and international applications. In this instance, we strongly recommend that you seek advice from a patent attorney.