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Specific protection for non-agricultural products

Registering a denomination as a Protected Appellation of Origin (PAO) or a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) for a non-agricultural product with the IPI helps to better protect it against it being misused and guarantees the quality and characteristics of the designated product for consumers. The application must meet specific requirements and is examined by the IPI in a specific procedure.




To be able to be registered as a PAO or PGI, a denomination must correspond to the definitions in the ordinance on the PAO and PGI Register for non-agricultural products. In particular, a PAO or PGI must actually be used to indicate the specific link between a given product and a specific geographical origin.


Generally, an application for the registration of a PAO or PGI must be filed by a group representing at least half of the volume of the total production of the product concerned and at least a majority of the qualified users of the local denomination in the geographical area concerned. The PAO or PGI is, in effect, a collective right, the definition of which must be in consensus with the majority of producers concerned.


For each registered PAO or PGI, a document sets out the requirements for the right to use the protected denomination. This document is known as the product specification. It defines the quality and the characteristics of the final product, as well as the methods and the requirements to be respected during the production and manufacturing process.


The application for registering a PAO or PGI must contain the product specification, information on the applicant group and information concerning the link between the product and its geographical origin. Filing the application is subject to a fee. The guidelines on PAOs and PGIs for non-agricultural products gives more information on the examination of applications for registration by the IPI.


You can send your questions concerning appellations of origin and geographical indications for non-agricultural products by email to aop-igpnot shown@ipito make life hard for spam

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