CIPCO/IPI ‘Intellectual property law in the age of artificial intelligence’ workshop on 11 June 2021

Is intellectual property protection becoming superfluous? Or will there soon be no need for patent or trade mark examiners? Following the prevalent views on the future role of artificial intelligence, one would have to answer such questions with a yes. A new series of events on the topic of ‘AI & IP’ attempts to provide a more differentiated picture, taking into account views from different dis-ciplines and institutions. It is being organised by the University of Zurich’s Centre for Intellectual Property and Competition Law (CIPCO) and is being supported by the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property.

The first event in this series entitled ‘Intellectual property framework conditions for artificial intelligence from an economic and legal perspective – status quo and outlook’ will take place on 11 June 2021 from 3 to 6 pm in the form of an online conference. For further information and to register, see the flyer (pdf) or visit