The world of sport – IP in action

Every 26 April marks World Intellectual Property Day, which this year is dedicated to intellectual property (IP) rights in the sports world. The following four examples show how innovations are protected in a field where records are broken and medals are won.

Illustration of the event. Image: WIPO
Image: WIPO

Copyright: The Champions League football anthem was composed by Tony Britten. The rights to it, however, are held by UEFA.


Trade marks: Many sporting greats register their name as a trade mark, such as Roger Federer.


Designs: Innovation in sport goes hand in hand with design protection. Many manufacturers therefore register the design of their exercise equipment to protect it.


Patents: Patents also play an important role in the sporting world, which is why Nicolas Frey patented the sport boot he invented. His ski boot is used by the Swiss company DAHU Sports.


World Intellectual Property Day is observed every year by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva.


The European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) is currently drawing attention to the significance of IP with the award-winning short film "IP Dentical". The film shows how grey and monotone everyday life would be without IP.

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