Who we are


Our vision:


We are the federal government’s first point of contact for intellectual property matters.

  • We contribute significantly towards Switzerland’s access to appropriate and economically viable intellectual property protection.
  • We provide efficient, innovative and user-oriented services.
  • We are actively involved in shaping international developments in intellectual property.
  • We use our entrepreneurial freedom.
  • We network within Switzerland and internationally to maximise the added value for the users.

With this in mind, we pursue the following strategic goals: 

  • We examine, grant and administer intellectual property rights. In doing so, we must ensure that they conform to international IP rights systems. However, we must also ensure that our national system functions autonomously. We safeguard the needs of users of the IP rights systems, as well as the interests of relevant third parties and the general public.
  • Our procedures should be simple, transparent, quick and as inexpensive as possible. Our decisions should be lawful, appropriate, homogeneous and therefore as predictable as possible.

  • When advising the political instances, preparing legislation, and representing Switzerland at international level, we ensure appropriate and effective protection of intellectual property at national and international level.

  • This protection takes into account the diverse interests of research and development, the economy, users of the IP system, creative artists, producers, consumers and others affected by IP rights. Ethical, developmental and environmental aspects also play a role.

  • At international level, Switzerland should be perceived as a competent and reliable partner for any questions on intellectual property matters.

  • By providing information, we aim to increase the opportunities available for individuals and businesses to use IP rights systems to maximise their own commercial success. This is why we explain the various IP rights systems at national and international level in a user-friendly way, including how they function, how to use them and where to find the necessary information.
  • We also provide other services, namely ip-search trade mark and patent searches. In this respect, our information mandate is extended to areas in which private service providers operate. The purpose, however, remains the same.

The users or recipients of our services differ from each other in terms of their respective roles within the Swiss economy – but also in terms of their expertise, strengths and their political legitimacy. It is our task to provide users with services that take into account their different needs and potential.


As a non-profit institute, we are economical with our resources. Fees are set at a level which enables the IPI to have sufficient equity capital to maintain a balanced budget.


The IPI conducts its work in accordance with the principles of Total Quality Management.

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