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  • Patent applications, patents granted and European and international patent applications as of 1981 (German and French)
  • National patent applications submitted according to IPC technical classification as of 2004 (German)
  • National patents granted according to IPC technical classification as of 2004 (German)
  • National patent numbers according to year of publication as of 1888 (German, French and Italian)


National and international designs deposited 1980 - 2014 (German and French)


The most important statistical data can be found in the Institute's latest annual report. Other statistical data can be requested via the Contact-Center.

Statistics from other patent organizations and trademark offices

European Patent Office (EPO) (Annual report)
German Patent and Trade Mark Office (Annual report)
World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO)
INPI, France
UK Patent Office, Great Britain (Annual report)
United States Patent Office, USA
Japan Patent Office (Annual report)
IP Australia

OECD: patent statistics and comparative studies, allowing mapping aspects of the innovative performance of regions or specific technology domains are also published by the OECD.

PATSTAT (EPO): this database, produced by the European Patent Office, is designed to be used for statistical research.

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