2005 - the Einstein Year

2005 – The Einstein Year

Extraordinary Year 2005: 100 Years of Relativity Theory and its Discovery in Bern

1905 was a stellar year in Bern – both for the 26-year-old Albert Einstein and for civilization. Within just a few months, Einstein published five extraordinary papers containing the theories which serve as the foundation for modern physics. He revolutionized not only our understanding of time and space, but also formalized the equality of material and energy in history’s most famous equation E = mc2, laid the foundation for the quantum theory of radiation and, in addition, discovered significant details about the essence of atoms and molecules.

Our Involvement

The centenary of Einstein's «annus mirabilis», 1905, is being celebrated in Bern with a large scientific and cultural project (www.einstein05.ch, Website no longer acitve) in 2005. The Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property is also involved in the Year of Einstein. To honor its most famous employee at the event of the centenary, it is collaborating with the Swiss Youth in Science Foundation to organize a project study week in physics and mathematics for young scientists between the ages of 16 and 20. More information can be found under www.sjf.ch.

Information about the project week (pdf 869 KB in German, French or Italian)

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